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The Venturo large-scale ram pump moves large amounts of water over long distances using no fuel or electricity!

The Venturo can be used for:




Large Scale Zero Energy = Large Scale Savings

Less emissions and less environmental damage.

More efficiency, more profit and more community benefits.

500mm Venturo ram pump trials

Venturo large scale ram pump hydro generation

Patented Globally

New to the market, the pump has been tested in sizes of 1 metre and 500 mm inlet diameter units and both have now been operating for over 3 years on a demonstration rig reflecting a range of working environments.  Such has the progress been made, that Water Powered Technologies is able to offer quotations for demonstration units.

The Venturo Pump's simple and unique technology enables large volumes of water (up to 30,000 m³ per day) to be delivered over long distances with zero energy costs.

Features and Benefits of the Venturo Pump

tough construction image

Tough stainless steel or steel construction

environment friendly icon

Low impact on the environment

Seradisc particulate filtering

Tolerant to high volumes of particulates

minimal maintenance image

Minimal maintenance required

money saving icon

Large scale savings and quick ROI

The Venturo also comes with dynamic climate control and lifetime support from Water Powered Technologies

Pump and Store for Hydro Generation

Water Powered Technologies' zero energy pumping solutions can be used to store water at a higher level to be used for generating electricity by the gravitational fall or flow of water.

The diagram below shows principles of the Venturo system for Hydro Generation.  It has the potential to provide an efficient means of buffering to the national grid and stored for peak demand to prevent outages.  If water is abstracted and stored during periods of high flow, an additional benefit is that it can alleviate downstream flooding.

The system can also be used to operate direct drive generators where 24/7 power is desirable.

venturo hydro generation image
Venturo - the world's largest ram pump

"The Venturo represents a new benchmark in water powered pumping technology - providing capacities, cost savings and performance previously unattainable - thereby releasing the potential for new applications and markets globally."

Phil Selwyn
WPT Technical Director

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