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The Beaver And The Papa Pump

The Beaver and the Papa Pump

So, what’s the difference between the beaver and the Papa Pump? Apart from the obvious difference – one’s an animal and the other an inanimate object, there are great similarities. Both can be very useful in river management and drought resilience.

The re-introduction of beavers in Britain in 2006 was controversial. Some considered them as furry vandals, damaging trees and affecting fish migration in our woodland streams. Others pointed out they were natural river engineers, their dams slowing the flow of water after heavy rainfall, reducing the risk of flooding, storing water in the beaver-made ponds and slowly releasing a steady flow in times of drought. There are other benefits as well. The habitats they created encouraged the endangered water vole, wildfowls, dragonflies and other water insects – these in turn being a food source for breeding fish and insect eating birds. The pools created hold silt, reduce erosion and allow more water to be absorbed into the nearby ground.

Beavers became extinct in Britain 300 years ago as a result of hunting. They were re-introduced in Scotland in 2006 for a managed study. The success and evidence from that study encouraged more controlled releases in England and so far, the benefits appear to far outweigh any initial concerns.

Water Powered Technologies’ Papa Pump is equally beneficial to the environment. The pump uses natural surface water (not impacting on ground water levels), stores a portion of the flow in high level storage tanks, and returns the majority back to watercourse, minimising water abstraction. The stored water can then be gravity fed to animal troughs or for crop irrigation during dry periods. This ‘pump and store’ method can mitigate floods while providing water during drought, reducing the need for farmers to use expensive mains water. The other benefit is that when the water is delivered to the livestock, there is no need for them to enter the watercourse to drink, therefore improving the downstream water quality. And this all done by using no fuel or electricity, just the natural power of flowing water, saving the landowner thousands of pounds on utility bills – a win, win for the environment and the farmer.

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