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Measuring and Planning your Papa Pump Site

Pump install animation

First you need to do some measurements...

Step 1 - Supply Flow

Measure/estimate the available flow of water supply to the pump from your stream or river.  See the guide here.

Step 2 - Supply Head

Measure/estimate the height of your potential Supply Head.  This is the height between your water source and the where you can position your pump.  See the guide to measuring heights here.

Step 3 - Delivery Head

Measure/estimate the height of your Delivery Head.  This is the height between your pump and to where your water will be delivered. E.g. this could be a hill top storage tank or lagoon.  See the guide to measuring heights here.

How much water will be delivered...?

The delivery depends on the supply head you can generate on your land and the height to which you want your water delivered. Click here for our calculator page where you can estimate your water delivery.

Typical Layout Example

Planning your layout correctly is essential for an efficient system and maximising the potential water delivery.  There are few do's and don'ts - so check out the guide here first.

Below is a typical system layout with the critical measurements indicated by the red boxes.
(Please note that if you are using a weir, this will replace the catchment tank)

Papa Pump Typical Layout

How much will the installation cost?

It very much depends on your site and can vary by quite a bit depending on how many troughs, length of trenches, whether you are using a weir, etc.  Below are just a couple of examples (one typical UK installation and one international installation) to give you an idea of the costs involved in an installation.  You can also see that by self installing you can save a lot of these costs.

UK Pricing Schedule

International Pricing Schedule

photo examples

We can help you to assess the potential of a Papa Pump installation if you can email us some photographs of your site.  Please email your images by clicking on the link below.

Need more water?

Multi Pump Systems

We don't produce different sizes of Papa Pump - this is because...

Multiple Papa Pumps can work in parallel using the same infrastructure

You can maintain one pump while the others provide continuous water delivery

The major part of the cost is infrastructure so buying extra pumps doesn't mean multiplying the unit cost

Typical Multi-Pump System

Papa Pump Multi Pump Diagram

If you need more water the Papa Pump system can be scaled up by using a multi-pump system.  Click the link (right) to download the multi-pump performance chart (PDF) which will estimate the total delivery from your system.

Need even more water?

The Venturo Large Scale Hydro Ram

Water Powered Technologies have developing and successfully trialled a large scale hydro ram called 'The Venturo' capable of delivering up to 4500 litres per minute. It is feasible zero energy water pumping for large scale irrigation projects, plantations, hydro-generation, etc.

more about The Venturo large scale hydro ram

Papa Pump Installation

The Papa Pump was designed with simplicity in mind and is very easy to install yourself.  We supply a detailed installation guide, step by step videos and also provide surveying services should you need it.

for installation tips, guides and videos

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