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Papa Pump Resources

Useful resources for the Papa Pump, Seradisc Filter
and other products from Water Powered Technologies.

Product Leaflets

papa pump leaflet link image

Papa Pump General Leaflet (International version)

General Information about the Papa Pump, benefits, what is included in the kit, preparing your site, installation principles and guides, contacts, etc.  Full of pictures and diagrams for better understanding.

technical details papa pump installation guide link image

Papa Pump Installation Guide

Comprehensive Guide to site surveying, materials specification, measuring techniques, installation principles, maintenance, trouble shooting, contacts and help.

Papa Pump Leaflet

Papa Pump Product Leaflet

Covers the history and development of the pump, applications and Papa Pump Kit contents.

Seradisc Filter

Seradisc Filter Product Leaflet

Variable filter screen and vortex diffuser technology for pump protection. How it works, advantages, applications and the Seradisc Kit contents.

Sureflow Valve

Sureflow Automatic Flow Regulation

Enables the Papa Pump to operate regardless of water supply and with adjustment. How it works, installation, advantages and applications.

Product technical sheets, training guides, and installation locations are also available for users who register on our site - please click the link below.

for technical sheets, training guides and installation locations

Pump Technical Data - Performance Charts

Papa Pump
Performance Chart

Technical Data Papa Pump Performance Chart

Venturo 500mm
Performance Chart

Venturo 500 Pump Performance chart

Venturo 1000mm
Performance Chart

Venturo 1000 performance chart
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