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Australia Pump & Store Project

Water Powered Technologies' patented systems which use no fossil fuel or electrical energy can pump flood water up to 50 kilometers to storage so that when drought returns, your region, town or farm can use it.  Here is one active proposal:

“Pump and Store Project - Howard, Queensland”

The town of Howard, Queensland, Australia has experienced problems due to climate change, typical to this region.  Dry seasons are extended and water is often in short supply.  A local businessman noted that during floods, the excess water not only caused the town problems dued to water ingress, but the water (which would be so valuable in the dry season) drains to the nearby Burram River, eventually entering the sea.  He couldn't understand the logic in the local authorities letting freshwater become saltwater and at the same time proposing investment in desalination projects.

And so he started to look at a project which would capture the flood water, store it, and use during drought.  He identified a decommissioned Water Treatment Works in the town where large water storage tanks could be sited.  He then started looking how he could capture and pump the water up to the storage tanks.  He discovered Water Powered Technologies' modern hydro rams which could not only pump the required water, but do it without using any electricity or fuel.  The following 3D map shows how the system could be laid out.

Howard Pump and Store

The Maria Creek flows through the town of Howard, past the decomissioned treatment works and discharges into the Burrum River south east of the town.  The proposed system would maximise the Supply Head by siting the catchment tank near the Old Treatment Works and the Pump Chamber at the lowest point (near the Burrum River) with the Supply Tank near the Pump Chamber at a higher point.  This would give the water in the Supply Pipe enough energy to power the pump to deliver water back up to the town and fill the new Water Storage Tanks.

This water would be stored for use during the next drought.

If your region, town or farm is affected by seasonal drought, yet is also affected by floods, book a free consultancy slot to see how our systems can pump and store the flood water for later use.

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