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If you want to supply up to 25,920 litres of water every day to a remote local community and enable self-sufficient food production, the Papa Ram Pump can deliver (and offer new business opportunities to local communities).

delivering free water in the developing world

Drinking water only accounts for 8-16 litres of water use per person per day whereas many 000's of litres are utilised by each person for washing, sanitation and food production.  The Papa pump will provide continuous quantities of water from remote sources without the need for fuel, electric or human effort.

Enabling Humanitarian Projects

We can help you to...

  • Collect and utilise as much natural rainfall and flowing water as possible without producing carbon emissions and pollution.
  • Utilise gravity to transfer and pump this water.
  • Protect natural watercourses from human and agricultural pollution by pumping water to where it is required.
  • Store water at higher levels to utilise when and where required.
  • Enable simple on-demand electricity generation. Minimise the utilisation of diminishing groundwater reserves.

These are some of the NGO’s who have deployed the Papa pump to help communities around the world


We are seeking Charities, NGO's, individuals or volunteers with experience in water relief or world finance to partner water delivery projects in the developing world.

We will provide a donation towards the cost of the pumps, free training, technical support and assistance.

Please get in touch if you have suitable experience and enthusiasm to help identify and deliver projects.

Share your experience and ideas and together we can make a difference.

Click on the @ icon, send us your details with a brief note detailing your experience and areas of interest and we will contact you.

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Water Powered Technologies aim to bring clean and sustainable water to communities in the developing world by supporting CHARITIES and NGOs with special discounts and prices.
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