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"The Papa Ram Pump is probably the world's simplest and most cost effective water pumping solution!"

Our Zero Energy Pumps have established the lowest water cost (below £0.01 / m³) of ANY known water system to date, over a 20 year period...

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delivers water without the
need for electricity or fuel!

Approvals for the Papa ram pump
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The innovative Papa ram pump uses a unique aerofoil shaped valve and the latest engineering composite materials, resulting in a small, light, durable and flexible pump. With no mechanical moving parts, the Papa water pump is more efficient, easier and cheaper to maintain and much more cost effective than traditional ram and alternative water powered pump designs.

So that...

•  You can save money by replacing costly utility bills or expensive running costs of existing pumps
•  You reduce pollution and environmental impact

•  You free up time and resources because your pump operates automatically

How to install a Papa Pump

How much water will be delivered?

It depends on the supply head you can generate on your land and the height to which you want your water delivered. Click here for our Pump Performance Chart which will estimate your water delivery.

Multi Pump Systems

multiple papa pump

If you need more water the Papa Pump system can be scaled up by using a multi-pump system.  Click here for the multi-pump performance chart which will estimate the total delivery from your system.

The Papa ram pump kit includes...

save money with the Papa ram pump

on water bills, fuel and maintenance

free water with the Papa ram pump

Free Water
for your lifetime and
future generations

the Papa ram pump is small and light

Small and Light
longer life,
easier maintenance

the Papa ram pump is environment friendly

Environment Friendly
zero energy
no carbon emissions

the Papa ram pump is guaranteed for 5 years

5yr Guarantee
Guaranteed for 5 years
lasts a lifetime

Will it work for you?

for the water delivery calculator

We can help you to assess the potential of a Papa Pump installation if you can upload some photographs of your site.  Please upload your images by clicking on the link below.

Don't take our word for it...  See what our customers save!

See how this farmer saved £18000 per year

Dramatically reduce infrastructure costs with a retrofit

Save money by protecting your river

As seen on TV...saving £30,000 per year

As seen on TV...saving money for sheep farmer

Want to know how it will work for you?

Book Your Desktop Survey for the
special promotional price of
and see how much you can save...

After purchase, we will send you a form where you can complete your details including Name, Address, Postcode/Map Co-ordinates, Approximate Supply Flow, Required Water Delivery, Existing Water Supply Method (e.g. Mains, Borehole, Diesel Pump, etc.) and we will give you...






to see a sample survey report

UK Government grants for ram pumps available

money image, grants for water pump page

You may be eligible for a UK Government grant to assist with the purchase and installation costs of a Papa Ram Pump.

go to the grants page

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