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The Papa Pump is a water pump that used no fuel or electricity, just the natural power of flowing water.

"It is probably the world's simplest and most cost effective water pumping solution!"

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delivers water without the
need for electricity or fuel!

Approvals for the Papa ram pump
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Based on a traditional hydro ram, the Water Powered Technologies has advanced the design with modern materials and a patented new Venturi Valve which has enabled the Papa Pump to be lighter, smaller, more durable and more efficient than the old cast iron traditional ram pumps.

If you want to know how good the Papa Pump is,
just ask our customers who saved up to £20,000 per annum...

save money with the Papa ram pump

on water bills, fuel and maintenance

free water with the Papa ram pump

Free Water
for your lifetime and
future generations

the Papa ram pump is small and light

Small and Light
longer life,
easier maintenance

the Papa ram pump is environment friendly

Environment Friendly
zero energy
no carbon emissions

the Papa ram pump is guaranteed for 5 years

5yr Guarantee
Guaranteed for 5 years
lasts a lifetime

Typical Applications for the Papa Pump

Papa Pump Livestock Watering

Livestock Watering
Your own fresh and natural spring or stream water delivered to the highest point of the farm, for free!

Papa Pump Irrigation

Pump and store water from your stream during wet periods - to use in dry times - increase yeilds and reduce watering costs.

Papa Pump Humanitarian

Humanitarian Projects
The Papa Pump is the ideal low cost water delivery solution for remote communities - easy to install, easy to maintain.

Watering system in golf course

Commercial & Utility
A Papa Pump can save ££££s on public water costs and save manpower and maintenance costs in off-grid locations.

Will it work for you?

to work out how much water will be delivered...

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It depends on the supply head you can generate on your land and the height to which you want your water delivered. Click here for our calculator page which will estimate your water delivery.

How does it work?

for technical information

How much is the Papa Pump?

for cost of the Papa Pump Kit,
plus shipping rates, etc.

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