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Papa Pump In Zimbabwe Prison For Life!

Papa Pump in Zimbabwe Prison for life!

Zimbabwe prison farms have been affected by climate change in recent years with lack of rainfall putting pressure on crop yields. They have changed to farming more drought resistant crops such as Sorghum and the next step is to install better irrigation. To this effect, the Papa Pump was recently introduced to Mazowe Prison Farm in Zimbabwe where it will be trialled with the intention of being rolled out to other prison farms. The intention is to use the pump to deliver water from local streams up to storage tanks and used during drier periods. All this is achieved without using fuel or electricity – saving money as well as increasing yields.

“This concept of irrigation comes at the right time when we have been experiencing electricity shortages” said Commissioner General Zimondi. “The concept will help us much since it does not need electricity, solar or biogas to operate and the power is in the river.”

Commissioner General Zimondi

“We have a lot of water bodies in the country and this will help farmers everywhere”.

“We are ready to train the inmates and this will help the Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services in all our farms around the country,” said the Commissioner.

The Papa Pump is providing global water solutions in many countries experiencing problems with climate change. For more information contact Water Powered Technologies or visit

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