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Pump your water continuously, even from the smallest spring

Whether you decided to go "off-grid" because you are concerned about global warming, or you're so far away from public water or electricity that you don't have a choice, then you are probably looking for a low cost, reliable, easy to install solution to move water around your property.

Because the Papa pump operates 24/7, even with small water sources, it can deliver significant volumes of water over long distances and to higher elevations.

This makes the Papa Pump a great solution for minimal visual impact on the environment - no solar panels, no windmills, no wires - once installed, many people will be unaware of the pump except for a gentle heartbeat of the pump beneath their feet.

Two American engineers talk about their new Papa Pump Kit.

5 Reasons why the Papa Pump is Great for Off-grid Living

Papa Pump Maintenance Button

D.I.Y. installation
with low maintenance and servicing

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Quality Product with High Reliability
no expensive repairs


Low Noise
Low Visibility

Papa Pump 24/7 operation

24 Hours a Day

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Store excess water for Micro Hydro

How the Papa Pump can work for your Off Grid Homestead

Papa Pump - US off grid layout

If you have water from a spring, stream or river but it needs to be delivered to your property, the Papa Pump hydro ram is the perfect solution.  Without the use of any electricity or fuel, it will pump water over long distances and to impressive heights.  It works 24/7 day and night, rain or shine and because the technology is so simple there is little to go wrong, and so you'll save on time and maintenance.

Pump and Store
The idea is simple - you pump water when it is plentiful to a storage tank at the highest point on your property - to use where and when you need it!  You can gravity feed the stored water to animal troughs, for irrigation or to your home for domestic use.  You can even use it for micro generation to help power your homestead.

Flexible Pumping Solutions

Don’t worry if you don’t have a flowing water source,
the Papa Pump can work with a small solar or wind alternative.

Water Powered Technologies’ Papa and Venturo Pump Systems operate 24/7 automatically over long periods. They generally utilise reliable flowing water sources although, unlike many other renewable energy resources such as solar and wind which vary hourly or daily, these water sources tend to vary with seasonality and shifting climatic influences.

However, Water Powered Technologies are developing simple hybrid solutions for periods of low flow or in flat geographies where water tends to be still or slow moving. Water can be pumped to a low level by solar, wind or utility electricity to supplement the supply for the Papa or Venturo pumps. This means that by utilising a very simple combination of solar/wind/electric, the Papa/Venturo can provide water delivery to a wide range of heights and outputs by using our standard and robust equipment.

pump and store still
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