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Pump your water continuously, even from the smallest spring

Whether you decided to go "off-grid" because you are concerned about global warming, or you're so far away from public water or electricity that you don't have a choice, then you are probably looking for a low cost, reliable, easy to install solution to move water around your property.

Because the Papa pump operates 24/7, even with small water sources, it can deliver significant volumes of water over long distances and to higher elevations.

This makes the Papa Pump a great solution for minimal visual impact on the environment - no solar panels, no windmills, no wires - once installed, many people will be unaware of the pump except for a gentle heartbeat of the pump beneath their feet.

5 Good Reasons to use a Papa Pump

1. Reliability

Once properly installed, a Papa Pump will continue to deliver water without attendance, but we recommend you check the pump and clean the filters once a year or so. Many Papa pumps have worked for years without a single problem.

2. Low Running Costs

Papa Pumps are designed and built to last. As a result, no more costly maintenance and repairs of electric and diesel pumps. Because the pump is wire and corrosion free, only the 2 low cost rubber valves (the only moving parts) will need replacing every few years.

3. Water Quality

Groundwater from boreholes and wells contains harmful minerals such as iron and manganese and, depending on the ultimate use for the water, may require filtration. The Papa Pump uses naturally aerated surface water which oxidizes and removes most of the minerals. You will find that animals prefer natural surface water to ground water and treated public water supplies.

4. Pump and Store

Because it is able to pump around the clock every day, it allows you to store large amounts of water. This water can then be gravity fed around your property to where you need it - and you will have a water supply for those drier periods.

5. Environment

The benefits of a zero energy water pump is clear - the Papa Pump emits no CO2. But also consider the low visual impact upon the environment. Using a Papa Pump means there are no unsightly solar panels, wind turbines, not even any wires or electrics - just a small and efficient pump which can be housed in the most unobtrusive little chamber.

save money with the Papa ram pump

on water bills, fuel and maintenance

free water with the Papa ram pump

Free Water
for your lifetime and
future generations

the Papa ram pump is small and light

Small & Light
30x15x16cm, 2kg
non-metal composite

the Papa ram pump is environment friendly

Environmentally Friendly
No carbon emissions

the Papa ram pump is guaranteed for 5 years

5yr Guarantee
Guaranteed for 5 years
Lasts a lifetime

Will it work for you?

for the water delivery calculator

We can help you to assess the potential of a Papa Pump installation if you can upload some photographs of your site.  Please upload your images by clicking on the link below.

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