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Experienced in groundworks or water pump installations?

why not become an approved installer!

We are looking for competent contractors to install Papa Pump systems. Although some farmers and landowners are capable of installing their own systems, many require help with the installation and sourcing of pipework, tanks and accessories. As an installer, you will be able to purchase pumps at trade prices, supply the pipework and tanks and charge for groundwork services. You will receive free training from WPT, receive marketing support and sales leads for a large, agreed territory.

Whether your company is involved in the supply of irrigation or renewable energy services or is a water utility and wherever you are in the world - we can work with you to help you supply our unique patented products to help your customers save water and costs.

Maximise your profits by selling Add On System Essentials

The Papa Pump is a unique product for the installer because of the additional materials you can provide.  You can supply and install pipes, tanks, concrete rings, troughs and accessories. And these add-ons are ‘essentials’ which most people will need.  Download the Support Leaflet here

Is this you?

  • You have experience in groundworks and pipe laying
  • You own, or have access to, suitable diggers and equipment
  • You are familiar with the items required (concrete rings, pipes etc)
  • You will be willing to attend a FREE training course in the UK
  • You will be able to undertake an installation which can be used as a showcase demonstration site
    Note: as this could be a customer's site - it is important that potential clients can see the pump in a correctly installed environment (the customer must agree to occasional visits for demonstrations)
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if this IS you, please contact us, there's a lot we can do together!


The basics of Papa Pump installations, plus benefits and advantages of recommending the Papa Pump.  Also information on grants and commision.  Download the Land Agents Leaflet here

Papa Pump Training Manual

A comprehensive guide for installers - everything you need to know about installation, maintenance and training.

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