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"The Papa Pump was designed with simplicity in mind and the Papa Pump Kit includes everything you need to connect to your system and start pumping water!

You should be confident that with basic skills you can self install a Papa Pump.  You may need a little help with digging trenches and laying pipes, etc., but many farmers and land owners have the equipment and experience to do this work themselves."

Phil Selwyn - Inventor and Technical Director

Papa Pump Phil Cropped

Self Installation

How to install the Papa Pump
Step by Step Video Guide

Pipework, Trenching and Installing Chambers

Laying Pipes and Trenching

We recommend burying your pipework if possible to protect from damage, but DO NOT FILL IN YOUR TRENCH BEFORE TESTING THE SYSTEM - make sure there are no leaks, as this will affect the efficiency of your system.

Please use the recommended pipe specifications as below.  The pump is designed for a 2" supply pipe and a 1" delivery pipe.   USE 2" STEEL PIPE FOR THE SUPPLY PIPE - This is essential for the efficiency of the pump.  For full details on supply pipe specifications consult the installation guide pdf (page 11).

Papa Pump Chambers
Papa Pump Steel Pipe


Recommended for the Supply Pipe


110mm Soil Pipe
(up to 2 pumps)
or 150mm Soil Pipe
(3+ pumps)

for Inlet and Feed Pipe/Overflows Drains & Standpipe:

Papa Pump MDPE pipe

(32mm MDPE)
(Medium Density Polyethylene)

Recommended for Delivery Pipe


(at least) 32mm MDPE
water pipe

Recommended for Conduit Pipe which can be fitted as future proofing for further installations such as a Sureflow Valve.

Tanks and Chambers

You can use any solid chamber for your Supply Tank and Pump Chamber, but if available, we would recommend using 1.2 metre concrete rings which can house up to 3 Papa Pumps. We also recommend using lids or covers to keep debris out the chambers.

Storage Tanks can be bought in a range of sizes from your local agricultural or building merchant. Alternatively you can use a pond or lagoon for storage.

Full instructions and guides can be found on our website or in the Installation Guide.

Papa Pump Concrete Ring

You can download this handy shopping list which details the parts you will need for your installation.

Does the pump chamber need to be a concrete ring?

Water Powered Technologies recommend using concrete rings wherever possible because they provide excellent protection and the ample space for installing and maintaining your pump.

However, in some situations, cost and availability can be prohibitive and alternative materials or constructions can be used for your pump chamber.  The important thing is to leave enough space to work and to give the pump some good protection.  It is also recommended that a good lid or cover is fitted to keep out debris and animals.  It will also suppress any noise from the pump.

Papa Pump Brick Chamber
Papa Pump UK flag


Papa Pump US flag

The Papa Pump's connections conform to BSPT (British Standard Pipe Taper) but in some of parts of the world NPT (National Pipe Taper) is the local standard fitting.  In these cases just let Water Powered Technologies know when you order your pump and we'll add a free BSPT/NPT adaptor to the kit.

If you need a hand with installing...

You may not be confident in self installing, or may just not have the time.

You can sub contract the work to groundworkers or pump specialists but ensure they understand the specific guidelines for installing a Papa Pump system.  (Hydro Rams need particular conditions for efficiency and do not necessary follow the same rules as other pumps.)

If you need an authorised installer, contact Water Powered Technologies who will recommend a local installer.

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