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The Hydromentum is a rainwater harvesting and transfer system for large buildings which uses the proven Papa Pump to recycle your rainwater whilst consuming no fuel or electricity.

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This rainwater harvester needs no fuel or electric power, no underground tanks and minimal maintenance.  It is designed to be easily retro-fitted to most commercial buildings and warehouses.


Integrated rainwater harvesting and recycling

The roofs of commercial premises are usually excellent rain collectors. However, the rain is often allowed to run into the drainage system and as a result this water source is lost. The Hydromentum is a rainwater harvesting system which collects the water and then uses Papa ram pumps to deliver it to remote/higher-level storage tanks and consequently used later in applications where the mains water supply can be replaced.

Collecting rainwater is important - not just to replace expensive mains water but also to prevent extreme rainfall overwhelming drainage systems and causing damaging sewer flooding with the subsequent repair costs.

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Hydromentum Rainwater Harvesting Plug and Play System

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The Pump Chamber

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Dr Angela Pober hydromentum rainwater harvesting recommendation

"When we have weeks of drought it seems ridiculous to pay for water because we usually have quite high rainfall here.  We have a large barn that gives us substantial rain collection potential.  The Hydromentum is a great rainwater harvesting system because you can buy it off the shelf, it was an easy retro-fit, it cost nothing to run and now we have free water when we need it!"

Angela Pober
Kinzere Ltd.

The Benefits of a Hydromentum Rainwater Harvesting System

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Plug and Play
and Rapid Retrofit

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Quick ROI
Savings will pay the system
in a few years

If you have a business with the potential to harvest rainfall and wish to save money by recycling your water, please fill out this form giving a few details on your site and we will contact you to discuss how you can use rainwater harvesting and how much you can save.

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