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Jobs at Water Powered Technologies

Current employment opportunities at Water Powered Technologies

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"Q.  How do you make a Billion Dollars?"

"A.  Solve a $10 billion problem!"

Water Powered Technologies are seeking


Water Powered Technologies have designed, patented and manufactured a range of innovative zero energy products and systems which can help mitigate, if not solve, some
of the worst effects of climate change, pollution and access to water for agriculture.

Designing simple yet strong and effective products for a global market is expensive - more so when the Unique Selling Points are increasingly supported by a global patent base.  We need to increase sales and gain financial recognition for our abilities to solve regional water issues. By doing so, we can continue along our successful path to solve bigger and more damaging problems threatening communities economic and social livelihoods.

The WPT team consists of highly focused designers and engineers plus a growing sales and marketing team as the first of our products enters full scale commercialisation.

We are therefore looking for a range of talented Director Level individuals to help us navigate the exciting, but challenging next few years as more products move to being sold around the world.

Join Us!

Please email your CV to for the attention of the Board.

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