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Will the Papa pump work on my site?

Try our quick calculator.....

Our quick calculator has 3 easy steps to see if you can use a Papa Pump to deliver water and save you money.

1 Select your Supply Head using the drop-down box (the fall of water available where the catchment is at the highest place and the pump will be at the lowest)

2 Then select the Delivery Height you require using the drop-down box (the height from pump to your delivery point or storage tank)

3 Then measure or estimate your Supply Flow (The amount of water flowing in the source river or stream) and select using the drop-down box.

The Calculator will estimate the amount of water you can expect to be delivered in litres/day.

Water Delivery Calculator

How much Free Water can you get
from 1 Papa Pump


1 Your Supply Head

Select the value nearest to your Supply Head


2 Your Delivery Height

Select the value nearest to your Delivery Height


3 Your Supply Flow


Daily Delivery of Free Water


If you require more water, you will need more than
1 Papa Pump for your installation

A Papa Pump is not recommended for your site as efficiencies may vary

= Feet
= Gallons

....or if you prefer graphs

pump performance chart thumb
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