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Will the Papa pump work on my site?

Try our quick calculator.....

Our quick calculator has 3 easy steps to see if you can use a Papa Pump to deliver water and save you money.

1 Select your Supply Head using the drop-down box (the fall of water available where the catchment is at the highest place and the pump will be at the lowest)

2 Then select the Delivery Height you require using the drop-down box (the height from pump to your delivery point or storage tank)

3 Then measure or estimate your Supply Flow (The amount of water flowing in the source river or stream) and select using the drop-down box.

The Calculator will estimate the amount of water you can expect to be delivered in litres/day.

Water Delivery Calculator

How much Free Water can you get
from 1 Papa Pump


1 Your Supply Head

Select the value nearest to your Supply Head


2 Your Delivery Height

Select the value nearest to your Delivery Height


3 Your Supply Flow


Daily Delivery of Free Water


If you require more water, you will need more than
1 Papa Pump for your installation

A Papa Pump is not recommended for your site as efficiencies may vary

= Feet
= Gallons

....or if you prefer graphs

Papa Pump Performance Chart

Pump Performance Charts

Papa Pump
Performance Chart

Papa Pump Performance Chart

Venturo 500mm
Performance Chart

Pump Performance Chart new.cdr

Venturo 1000mm
Performance Chart

Pump Performance Chart new.cdr

Need more water?

Papa Multi Pump Systems

If you need more water than a Papa Pump can provide but don't need the full output of a Venturo, you should consider a Papa Multi-Pump System - You run up 10 Pumps in parallel using one supply tank, one supply pipe and one delivery pipe to give you an incredible water delivery.  The other advantage is that while you are performing maintenance on one pump, the rest keep going giving you uninterupted water delivery.

multiple papa pump

If you need more water the Papa Pump system can be scaled up by using a multi-pump system.  Click the image to download the multi-pump performance chart (PDF) which will estimate the total delivery from your system.

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