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Along The Lines

Along the Lines

Along the Lines – a proposal for transferring water from Australian coastal freshwater rivers that are crossed by railway lines on the eastern side of the Great Dividing Range by utilising the existing railway lines that are already in place Australia wide by way of their viaducts, cuttings and embankments. We all know these lines enable the efficient transport of materials by rail, as railway lines are constructed to be as flat and as straight as possible for that purpose.

We have already learned from the Snowy Mountain Scheme and by the damming of the Snowy River that we cannot cut off a river’s supply of water completely, as the river will die and all the wildlife that depends on the river will die off as well.

The Venturo Large Scale Water Pumping System, which works without the need of electrical power or fuel, could be the solution to our inland water needs. The Venturo can deliver large amounts of water to higher elevations and also returns water to the river once it has used its energy. For more information:

Pipelines will need to be constructed and training will be needed. This will employ people without employment, who would really like to work. Communities will have a feeling of security to live and work the land, turning despair into hope and happiness. Australians will produce more, sell more and in turn, pay more tax. When they produce more, they will require more help, therefore further employment and more payroll tax to the Government. The Government’s return on this venture would cover all initial and on-going costs associated with this life changing project for Australians.

No endangered species will be at risk from the pipeline adjustments to rail corridors.


By Gary Begley – +61 (0)428 317 390

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