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ram pump zero energy hydraulic water pump for agriculture

Free water - No Utility Bills and No Running Costs

If you have a flowing water source on your land and you are still paying for water either by utility bills or in fuel, maintenance and pump repairs, let's see how much money you can save, because by installing a Papa Pump you can get...

free water - for life!

Water Powered Technologies’ patented zero energy system pumps your water for free to help you

improve profitability and productivity on your farms

(and it doesn't matter if you're a smallholder with a few livestock and crops or a company with a large plantation!).

You can use your pump for livestock watering, irrigation or general use, just like these customers...

An estate manager shows how a Papa Pump system has replaced mains water

Hill farmer explains how retro-fitting Papa Pumps has helped keep installation costs down

A dairy farmer explains how he has saved £18,000 per year on water bills by using Papa Pumps

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UK Government grants for ram pumps available

You may be eligible for a UK Government grant to assist with the purchase and installation costs of a Papa Ram Pump.

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Our pumps simply use the energy from a natural flowing water source.
You may be wondering if the pump will work on your site....

for the water delivery calculator

We can help you to assess the potential of a Papa Pump installation if you can upload some photographs of your site.  Please upload your images by clicking on the link below.

Pump and Store for Sustainability

The benefits of using a Papa Pump in a pump and store system is that you can:

• move water to where you need it
• protect your natural watercourse
• reduce time for maintenance/repairs
• reduce running costs and bills
• have a sustainable system for generations to come.

Storing the water will also alleviate water shortage problems from dry periods or short term demands on the supply.

pump and store sustainability

How Green is the Papa Pump?

The Papa Pump is a renewable source of energy that uses no electricity or fossil fuels.  This graph shows the estimated amount of CO2 emissions generated by pumping 20m³ per day to a height of 100m over a period of 10 years. The Papa Pump emits Zero Carbon Dioxide!

As many of the world's aquifers are now in distress, pumping out ground water from a well or borehole is harming the environment.  That's why the Papa Pump uses available surface water - NO GROUND WATER -  and so does not impact on the water table.

comparison of Papa ram pump CO2 emissions
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