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Become a distributor or an agent for Water Powered Technologies products in the UK and/or worldwide selling Papa Pumps and Seradisc Filters. These are new products which have generated great interest to those who want to pump free water and help the environment at the same time.

"Whether your company is involved in the supply of irrigation services, renewable energy services or is a water utility and wherever you are in the world;
as an agent or distributor, we can work with you to help supply our unique patented products to help your customers save costs and save water"


Water Powered Technologies have technical material and marketing resources which an agent or distributor can download directly from our resource repository.

agent water powered technologies
WPT training and agent

Training Provided

Water Powered Technologies provide FREE training sessions in the UK covering company background, technical information, marketing strategies and installation requirements. International training can be carried out by Skype, webinars or online web chat.

Technical Support

Water Powered Technologies support their agents and distributors with dedicated technical support by phone, Skype, email and online web chat.  Our technical staff are available to help with any product or installation queries or problems.

agent technical support
wpt agent support

Marketing Support

Water Powered Technologies will provide a comprehensive range of media support (hard copy and social media) web banners, videos, technical animations, approved images/logos and website templates.

Water Powered Technologies Product Kits include everything needed to get started and our trade price structure provides excellent margins.

Papa ram pump kit image

Boxed Papa Pump Kit

See the video....
Unpacking the kit box

Seradisc filter kit image

Boxed Seradisc Filter Kit

If you would like to apply to receive a full distributor pack which will include all the literature
and information an agent or distributor would need...

Want more information on becoming an agent or distributor for WPT?
Please contact Ellen, or telephone +44(0)1288 354 454.

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