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A New Direction For Water Catchment

A New Direction for Water Catchment

The government recently announced its 25-Year Environment Plan, a move away from a regulator led approach to environmental policy including Water Catchment Management. This, and the Catchment Management Declaration signals a change to more holistic thinking and decision making. It includes broader stakeholder engagement including talking to farmers and land users about catchments instead of just applying ‘one-size-fits-all’ regulations. The declaration will include a range of incentives to influence catchment practice including grants, outcome-based payments and innovative trading approaches. It will also require more flexibility from all parties to ensure success of this plan.

See the article in Waste & Wastewater Treatment here:

Water Powered Technologies have been promoting Zero Energy, non-polluting water pumping solutions for over 20 years but considered much of the regulation to be outdated and over complicated to address present and future challenges. It is therefore, very encouraging that the government is now putting their efforts into a collaborative, multi-sector approach through which water is managed sensitively as a shared resource, recognising the value of catchment wide initiatives to the benefit of all stakeholders and the environment.

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