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If you're searching for a commercially proven, low lifetime cost, environmentally friendly and zero energy solution to deliver water at the point of use for your farm, small holding, off-grid community or water network, we have the solution...

  • Farm livestock

  • Off grid property

  • Water intensive commercial enterprise

  • Utility customer

  • Humanitarian project

  • Lowest cost of any water delivery system

Our Mission

Meet the Inventor


Our Zero Energy Pumps have established the lowest water cost (below £0.01 / m³) of ANY known water system to date, over a 20 year period.

Pump & Store
The economic and environmental solution to flood/drought water problems

The concept is simple.  Store water when it is abundant and use it when there is a shortage.

But there are also huge benefits from a Pump & Store system, not least huge savings on water bills.

If we first look at a farm WITHOUT a Pump and Store System...

Papa Pump and Store without

...then we look at the benefits of a Pump & Store System

The graphic below illustrates
the benefits to a farm WITH a Pump and Store System...

Papa Pump and Store with

Introducing our Zero Energy Water Pump...

Papa Pump Panel
Papa Pump Logo

Made from a non corrosive and hard composite material, the Papa Pump uses a patented new venturi valve to deliver water over long distances and to impressive heights
just the natural power of flowing water

Find out more about the Papa Pump on our dedicated Papa Pump website here.

To see how a Papa Pump can be used, whatever your Pump and Store needs are, choose the sectors below which are applicable to you 

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