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If you're searching for a commercially proven, low lifetime cost, environmentally friendly and zero energy solution to deliver water at the point of use for your farm, small holding, off-grid community or water network, we have the solution...

  • Farm livestock

  • Off grid property

  • Water intensive commercial enterprise

  • Utility customer

  • Humanitarian project

  • Lowest cost of any water delivery system

Our Mission

Meet the Inventor


Our Zero Energy Pumps have established the lowest water cost (below £0.01 / m³) of ANY known water system to date, over a 20 year period.

Pump & Store
The economic and environmental solution to flood/drought water problems

The concept is simple.  Store water when it is abundant and use it when there is a shortage.

But there are also huge benefits from a Pump & Store system, not least huge savings on water bills.

If we first look at a FARM WITHOUT a Pump and Store System...

Papa Pump - farm without pump and store

During the wet season, animal troughs are filled by mains water - livestock can enter the stream to drink but cause pollution. The stream floods and can cause damage. 

•  Cattle polluting the watercourse

•  Mains Water used for livestock watering

•  Possible flooding damage

During the dry season the stream flow diminishes and more public water has to be used to supplement the water for livestock.  More mains water is needed for crops. Water bills soar.


•  Large amounts of mains water used for livestock

•  Stressed crops need more water

•  Thirsty livestock pollute stream and damage bank

...then we look at the benefits of a Pump & Store System

Papa Pump with Pump and Store

During the wet season, water is pumped with a Zero Energy Papa Pump up to either a large storage tank or a lagoon for storage.  For many farms this water can reduce the mains water bill significantly. This also helps to alleviate any flood situation. Because water is delivered to the farm and to the livestock, there is no reason for them to enter the watercourse which can be fenced off, helping the environment.


•  Enables good water catchment/environmental management

•  It is possible to almost eliminate costly mains water

•  Stores water for dry season

During the dry season the stream flow diminishes but the Papa Pump can still deliver water to the storage tank or lagoon.  Water is used for livestock watering and/or irrigating crops.  Crops benefit from better irrigation.  Mains water is used less frequently and keeps water bills down to a minimum.

•  Crisis avoided with good water stocks

•  Stored water is used for livestock and/or crops

•  Pump can still work with small and variable flows

•  Well watered livestock, crops give better yields

•  Use of mains water kept to a minimum

Introducing our Zero Energy Water Pump...

Papa Pump Panel
Papa Pump Logo

Made from a non corrosive and hard composite material, the Papa Pump uses a patented new venturi valve to deliver water over long distances and to impressive heights
just the natural power of flowing water

Find out more about the Papa Pump on our dedicated Papa Pump website here.

To see how a Papa Pump can be used, whatever your Pump and Store needs are, choose the sectors below which are applicable to you 

Flexible Pumping Solutions

Water Powered Technologies’ Papa and Venturo Pump Systems operate 24/7 automatically over long periods. They generally utilise reliable flowing water sources, although, unlike many other renewable energy resources such as solar and wind which vary hourly or daily, these water sources tend to vary with seasonality and shifting climatic influences.

However, Water Powered Technologies are developing simple hybrid solutions for periods of low flow or in flat geographies where water tends to be still or slow moving. Water can be pumped to a low level by solar, wind or utility electricity to supplement the supply for the Papa or Venturo pumps. This means that by utilising a very simple combination of solar/wind/electric, the Papa/Venturo can provide water delivery to a wide range of heights and outputs by using our standard and robust equipment.

Papa Pump Flexible Pumping Solutions
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