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If you're searching for a commercially proven, low lifetime cost, environmentally friendly and zero energy solution to deliver water at the point of use for your...

  • Farm livestock

  • Off grid property

  • Water intensive commercial enterprise

  • Utility customer

  • Humanitarian project

Our Mission

Introducing our Zero Energy Water Pump...

Papa Pump Panel
Papa Pump Logo

Made from a non corrosive and hard composite material, the Papa Pump uses a patented new venturi valve to deliver water over long distances and to impressive heights
just the natural power of flowing water

Find out more about the Papa Pump here.

Meet the Inventor

...we have designed our products for you, and you can find your water delivery solution here... 

Our Zero Energy Pumps have established the lowest water cost (below £0.01 / m³) of ANY known water system to date, over a 20 year period...

So that, you can...

•  Save money by replacing expensive utility bills or running costs of existing pumps
•  Reduce pollution and environmental impact

•  Free up time and resources, because your pump operates automatically

And  they are working in hundreds of locations worldwide and available for online purchase NOW...

Papa Pump drinking water approvals
(blue pump only)

Approvals for the Papa ram pump
And if you are looking for a larger scale solution, we invite development partners to collaborate in utilising both our commercially proven and developing technologies in the UK and globally...

World's first Large Scale
Hydro Ram Pump

patented globally

for intermittent
or small flows


patented applied for

Tidal Lagoon

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