Everything you need to know about the PAPA Pump

 Features & benefits of the PAPA pump; 

  • Pollution Free
  • No Fuel or Electricity needed
  • Uses only Water Power
  • 1000's installed world wide
  • Only 2 moving parts
  • No running costs
  • 365 day 24/7 Operation
  • Small (38x20x20cm) / Light  


Original Steel PAPA Pump (8kg weight) now joined by new already award winning, Composite version (4kg weight) made from high quality Italian composite.

Steel version used for delivery heads of up to 150 metres (15bar) and Composite unit for delivery heads up to 100 metres (10bar)

Each PAPA Pump comes with a spare set of internal valves so no spare parts should be needed for years (subject to proper installation & usage of course !)